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Economics and Innovation

The program focuses on central ethical issues arising in the economic sphere. These include the justice of national and global economic arrangements, such as taxation, fiscal, labour and property law, and financial and trading regimes. Specific areas include markets in education and the economics of climate change. The program also examines corporate responsibilities in the spheres of finance, profitability, sustainability and human rights, and distributive justice. It aims to make a major contribution to the ethical understanding of innovation and technology. Program members realize that technical, scientific, legal and social science expertise is vital, and work with practitioners in the relevant professions.


Research in this program examines a range of issues that arise from the nature and value of the natural, and also the artificial environment, and our relationship with them. These include issues of justice and responsibility in relation to possession of, access to, and exploitation of land, water, and other (renewable and non-renewable) natural resources, ethical issues in climate change mitigation and adaptation, including those involving geo-engineering, and the human role in the anthropocene. 


This program addresses issues in bioethics, healthcare ethics, and public health ethics. This includes conceptual work on the ethics of procreation, the ethics of providing medical treatment to vulnerable groups such as children, dual use issues in the biological sciences, and the distinction between medical treatment and human enhancement. It also includes work on practical ethical issues arising in healthcare, including moral and regulatory challenges of experimental therapies, difficulties facing medical research ethics committees, and the problem of determining when conscientious objections are legitimate in healthcare.


This program addresses a variety of conceptual and practical ethical issues that are generated for the most part by the phenomena of war, humanitarian intervention, terrorism, crime and corruption. These include the nature and application of Just War Theory, morality and self-defense, principles of criminal liability, justification for police use of force, ethics of counter-terrorism tactics, anti-corruption systems and ethical issues in cyber-security.


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    CAPPE Seminar 28th September
    Norvo Lo - La Trobe University

    This paper discusses social attitudes towards feeding neighbourhood wild birds. It connects different and often opposing attitudes on the issue to three schools of philosophy regarding animals and nature. These include animal liberation ethics, wilderness preservation ethics, and anthropocentrism. 

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    Volume 14 No 1, 2012

    Introduction: Ethical Expectations and Disappointments. Peter Skilling and Peter McGee

    False Beliefs, Partial Truths: Personal Myths and Ethical Blindspots. Crina Archer and Laura Pincus Hartmann

    Social Welfare Capitalism and Care Ethics Challenge the Neoclassicism Myth. Dennis R. Cooley

    'Undazzled by the desire of wealth or other allurements of evil ...' Conceptions of profit, loss, expectations and disappointments in Plato's Apology and the Tale of Er. Ann Kerwin

    Investigating the Convergence of Corporate Social Responsibility and Spirituality at Work. Cécile Rozuel and Peter McGhee

    A values framework for ethical business. Glenn Martin

    Assessing Whether CEOs Deserve Their Pay. Scott Elaurant and Julian Lamont

    Economic inequality and lobby groups: What can business ethics expect of business? Peter Skilling


    Volume 13 No 2, 2011

    Pornography, moral wrongness and ontological pluralism. David Rose pluralism. David Rose

    Aristotelian ethical deliberation without phronēsis: child protection as an example. David Wallace

    Immigration and rights: A consequentialist overview. Jane Duran

    Self-determination, culture and ideology. Stuart Weierter

    Precaution and the Case against Human Enhancement Technology, a Liberal Perspective. Dan McArthur

    Attacking authority. Steve Matthews

    Ethics and the Onus of Proof. Peter Drum


    Volume 13 No 1, 2011

    Introduction to Special Issue on Parliamentary Ethics. Cristina Neesham

    Integrity Queensland-style - and the importance of being fore-warned and fore-armed. Noel Preston

    Parliament, Political Ethics and National Integrity Systems. Charles Sampford

    Ethics regulation at Westminster:mapping long-term institutional change. Nicholas Allen

    Professionalising Parliament to Promote Ethical Behaviour. Colleen Lewis & Christina Neesham

    Congressional Self-Discipline. Stanley Bach


    ajpae 10-1

    Volume 12, nos.1 &2 2010

    Selected Papers from the 2010 Conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

    Introduction to Selected Papers from the AAPAE Conference.Betty B. Chaar

    On the Justification of Weapons Research. John Forge

    A whole of curriculum approach to teaching business ethics. Kay Plummer, Oliver Burmeister, Donata Muntean, Dianne McGrath, Daniel Murphy, Robert Macklin

    Adaptive Preferences and the Hellenistic Insight. Hugh Breakey

    Secular, Theistic and Religious Ethical Rationales for the Relief of Extreme Poverty. David Ardagh

    Stopping corporate wrongs – the effectiveness of Australian whistleblowing reforms. Peter Bowden

    Journalism as research within the framework of academic ethics. Kayt Davies

    Codes of Ethics, Then and Now. Kerrie Griggs

    Trust contracting: achieving positive and quantifiable benefits. John Douglas Thomson

    Globalisation and Business Ethics in Australian Small and Medium Enterprises. Sunil Savur

    Organisational narcissism: a case of failed corporate governance?. Patricia Grant & Peter McGhee

    How Important is CSR to Managers?. Michael John Segon and Chris Booth


    Another Look at Corporate Social Responsibility – A Means-Focussed Approach. Elizabeth Prior Jonson & Margaret Lindorff

    Normative Conceptions of European Identity – A Synthetic Approach. Pablo C Jiménez Lobeira

    Providing ‘access to English’ in Queensland courts. Mark Lauchs



    ajpae 11-1

    Volume 11, nos.1 &2 2009

    Selected Papers from the 2009 conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

    Disinterestedness and the 'New Breed' of Humanitarian Intervention. Ned Dobos

    The Essential Role of Virtue Ethics in Spiritual Leadership. Patricia Grant and Peter McGhee

    Justifications for Wage Differentials. Chris Provis

    Setting the Nanotechnology Research Agenda: Medical Research versus Energy Research. John Weckert

    Neurotechnology: the need for neuroethicists. Laura Cabrera

    Appropriate'police discretion and Indigenous over-representation in the Criminal Justice System. Anna Corbo Crehan

    Ethics of the Advocate: a Theoretical and Practical Examination. Stephen Keim

    Ethics and the 'unethical' in social science knwoledge production. Gillian Cowlishaw

    Second Thoughts or Two State Solutions. Michael Schwartz

    Cynicism and emerging professionals: a cross disciplinary panel discussion. Andrew Kelly, Julia Coyle, Heather Latham, Anna Corbo Crehan

    Autonomy vs Best Interests– Direct-to-Consumer-Advertising (DTCA) and the Australian Healthcare Consumer: A Pharmacist's Perspective. Betty Chaar

    Deceitful Non-Disclosure and Misattributed Paternity. Madeline Kilty

    Can Morality Be Codified? Peter Shiu-Hwa Tsu

    Teaching Ethics: Embedding Ethics or Stand-alone subjects in MBA programs. Michael John Segon and Mr Chris Booth

    Ethics and Swimsuits. Julian Lamont



    ajpae 10-1

    Volume 10, nos.1 &2 2008

    Professionalism:MacIntyre and Confucius on Exemplary Figures. Howard Harris

    Conceiving of 'Toleration'. Stephen Cohen

    Institutionalising Ethical Behavior. Peter Bowden

    The Supposed Courage of Corporate Whistleblowers. Peter McGhee

    Ethical Codes of Conduct: Professional Codes in the People's Republic of China. Roderick O'Brien

    Paying their Way: Dissident Opinion, Advertising and Access to the Public Sphere. John Hadley

    The New Racism of Wilderness. Joachin Asscher

    Groundwork for a Neo-Epicurean Approach to a sustainable Good Life in a Technological World. Edward Spence

    ajpae 9-2

    Volume 9 No 2 September 2007

    Special issue: Selected Papers from the 13th Annual Conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

    Introduction to Special Issue. Stephen Cohen and Damian Grace

    Presidential Address: Ethics, Groups and Belied. Chris Provis

    The Role of Imagination in the Moral Life. Lawrence M. Hinman

    Understanding Confucian Ethics: Reflections on Moral Development. Karyn Lai

    Stereotyping: Why Cohen is Right, Why cohen is Wrong. Michael Schwartz

    Towards a Robust Model of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Entrepreneur's Firm. Robert Brown and Josie Fisher

    The Excellent Entrepreneur: Old Virtues for New Ventures?.Margaret Blackburn and Peter McGhee

    A Values Framework Connecting Ethics and Aspiration in Organisations. Glenn Martin

    Designing an Ethics system Using Mintzberg's Configuration Approach.Michael Segon

    Inquisitiveness or Curiosity: Which is the Management Virtue. Howard Harris and Rick Castle

    International Compliance Regimes: A Public Sector without Restraints.James Franklin

    Is the Existing Ethical Framework Sufficient to Manage the Current Extension of Contracting and Competition in the Australian Public Sector.Michael Johnson

    Caring about Being Ethical in the Public Service. Stephan Millett

    Ethical Management of Chronic Illness.David Langsford

    Ethical Leadership and the Future of University Governance. Deborah C. Poff

    Some Lessons from a Decade of Teaching Ethics to Undergraduate Engineeing Students.Iain skinner, Iain MacGill and Hugh Outhred

    Judicial Ethics-A Crisis in Developing Asian Countries. Austin I. Pullé


    ajpae 9-1

    Volume 9 No 1 June 2007


    Mutual Advantage Contractarianism and Obligations to Provide Foreign Aid.Daniel McArthur

    Personhood, Vagueness and Abortion.Justin P. McBrayer

    Brain Gender and Transsexualism.Madeline Kilty

    Two Dimensions of Photo Manipulation:Correction and Corruption.Aaron Quinn and Edward Spence

    Why Should There Be Lawyers?. Steven Tudor

    Quantifying Values. Ronald Francis and Anona Armstrong

    Overall Quality of Life Measurement: Problems and Prospects in the Case of People with Disabilities. Greg Bognar and Ian Hunt

    Free Speech in the Workplace. Rob Macklin and Earl W. Spurgin


    Road Trauma: Accurately Identifying Causal Factors. Peter Ivanoff

    Critical Notice

    Ethics, Money and Sport: This Sporting Mammon by Adrian Walsh and richard Guillanotti. Robert Fullinwider


    ajpae 8-2

    Volume 8 No 2 September 2006

    Special issue: Papers from the 12th Annual Conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

    The Ethics of Patents on Genetically Modified Organisms. Justine Lacey and Julian Lamont

    When Conflicts of Interest are an Unavoidable Problem. Stephen Coleman

    Ethics and Euthanasia: Natural Law Philosophy and Latent Utilitarianism. Ian Harriss

    What do Adolescents Find When they Surf the Web for Counselling? The Ethics of Online Adolescent Counselling Websites. Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan and John Court

    A Comparative Analysis of Whistleblower Protections. Peter Bowden

    Does Firm Size Matter in Doing CSR? CSR Integration into Core Business in the Philippines. Jose Mario B. Maximiano

    Rethinking 'Business is Business': A Critical Perspective on Teaching Business Ethics. Wayne Fallon


    ajpae 8-1

    Volume 8 No 1 June 2006

    Special issue: Global Justice and Global Prosperity. Selected Papers from The Third ISBEE World congress 2004

    Introduction to Special Issue: Global Justice and Global Prosperity.Craig Taylor

    Fair Trade: The Scope of the DebateTim Anderson and Elisabeth Riedl

    A utilitarian Argument Against the Global Trend Permiting Business Method Patents.Barbara Hilkert Andolsen

    Global Food Safety, Institutional Intergity Capacity and Global Sustainability.Joseph A. Petrick and John F. Quinn

    Seeking Global Justice in a Climate of Bribary and Corruption. Kerry Pedigo, Veren aMarshall and Des Klass

    Private Sector Corruption in Kenya. Nicholas Kimani

    Is Corporate Social Responsibility a Force for Global Justice and Prosperity> Yes and No... Marc T. Jones

    Business and Government Balancing Global Justice and Prosperity: An Australian Perspective. Trevor Lucas

    Contemporary Directions for Business on Human Rights: Issues for Exploration in Relation to Binding Human Rights Obligations for Business. Sune Skadegard Thorsen and Annemarie Meisling

    Is is Time for a New Business Model? Envisioning a 'Human Development' Model that Contributes to Global Justice and Global Prosperity. Wendy Stubbs

    Ethics in the Era of Globalization: A Critique of Peter Singer. Surendra Munshi


    ajpae 7-2

    Volume 7 No 2 September 2005

    Special issue: Children's and Parents' Rights: Conflict or Coincidence?

    Child Protection: An Holistic View. David Archard

    Questioning Holism: A response to Archard. Tony Coady

    Realistic Holism: A Reply to Coady. David Archard

    Parental Rights and the Protection of Children: A Presumption against State Intervention? John Seymour

    Parents and Children's Rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Finding Reconciliation in a Misunderstood Relationship. John Tobin

    The Continuing Importance of Thinking that Children Have Rights. Margaret M. Coady

    Beyond the Rhetoric of Best Interests of the Child. Donald M. Thomson

    Deciding for Children. John Eekelaar


    ajpae 7-1

    Volume 7 No 1 June 2005


    The Tyranny of Romantic Love: Continuing the Conversation with Cephalus. Justin Jeffrey

    Being Queasy about Reconstructing Animals Michael Hauskeller

    Book Symposium

    Introduction to Book Symposium on Bernard Gert's Common Morality: Deciding What to Do. Dean Cocking

    Common Morality and 'Institutionalising Ethics'. Andrew Alexandra and Seumas Miller

    Reply to Andrew Alexandra and Seumas Miller: 'Common Morality and Instituionalising Ethics'. Bernard Gert

    Applying our Common Morality: the Case of Privacy. Jeroen van den Hoven

    Reply to Jeroen van den Hoven: 'Applying our Common Morality: the Case of Privacy'. Bernard Gert

    Moral Arrogance and Moral Disagreement. Dean Cocking

    Reply to Dean Cocking: 'Moral Arrogance and Moral Disagreement'. Bernard Gert

    Timeless Wisdom or Moral Arrogance? Thomas Pogge

    Reply to Thomas Pogge: 'Timeless Wisdom or Moral Arrogance. Bernard Gert


    Government and Faith-based Organisations in a Pluralist Society. Bruce Langtry

    Critical Notice

    Neil Levy's What Makes us Moral: Crossing the Boundaries of Biology. Richard Joyce


    ajpae 6-2

    Volume 6 No 2 September 2004

    Selected Papers from the 2004 Conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

    . Weaponising Fear, Disarming Dissent: Ethical Journalism and the 'War on Terror' Susie Eisenhuth

    . Academic Freedom and University Ethical Review: The Interface between Freedom and Responsibility Margaret Blackburn

    . Ethical Conversations in the Academy Deborah Churchman

    . Value Orientation of Manufacturing Managers in the Punjab Howard Harris, Manjit Monga, Chris Provis

    . The Professional Ideal and the Practises of Global Professional Service Businesses: Some Ongoing Tensions David Ardagh

    . The Notion of Achievement in Sport and some Ethical Issues in Professional Sport John Quilter

    . Moral Agents and the Nurse-Patient Relationship: A Critique of the Philosophy of Care as a Professional Ethic Evdokia Kalaitzidis and Howard Harris

    . Sign on to Save Lives: Ethical Issues Raised by Changes to the Australian Organ Donor Register Josie Fisher

    ajpae 6-1Volume 6 No 1 June 2004


    . Moral Disagreement and Abortion Bernard Gert

    . Living off Immoral Earnings: An Ethical Critique of the Victorian Poker Machine Partnership James Doughney

    . Morality and the Role-Differentiated Behaviour of Lawyers Craig Taylor

    . Guanxi, Relationships and Ethics Chris Provis

    . Labor as the Basis of Entitlement to Property Aysal Dogan

    . Should Liberals Oppose Human Reproductive Cloning? Stephen Coleman

    . Political Party Databases: Proposals for Reform Peter van Onselen and Wayne Errington

    Book Reviews

    . Stephen Cohen The Nature of Moral Reasoning Neil Levy and Howard Harris

    ajpae 5-2Volume 5 No 2 September 2003

    Selected Papers from the 2003 Conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

    . Corporate Governance: Can Governance Standards Change Corporate Behaviour Anona Armstrong

    . Ethics Inconsistencies between Cognate Organisations Martin Tolich

    . Conflicts of Interest and Corruption Edward Spence

    . Values and Ethics in Eco-Cultural Tourism: With Special Reference to India David Kimber

    . Global Justice, Human Rights and Multinational Corporations Tom Campbell and Sheena Smith

    . Accountability and Ministerial AdvisorsAndrew Alexandra and Clare McArdle

    . Why the Australian Association of Professional and Applied Ethics should have its own Code of Ethics Ronald Francis

    ajpae 5-1Volume 5, Number 1, June 2003


    . Private Information and Public Accountability: Political Parties Constituent Databases Peter van Onselen

    . Mutual Obligation: Why Reciprocity is an Inadequate Principle for Unemployment Programmes Sara Hammer

    . Ethical Gradualism: A Practical Approach Ronald Francis, Erninio Gius and Romina Coin

    . Media Ethics: An Ethical Rationalist Approach Edward Spence

    . My Own Private Parliament: Media, Ethics, Gender Popular Culture and the Kernot-Evans Affair Rob Cover


    . Implementing Ethical Control of Weapons: An International Initiative Roderick O'Brien

    . I Trust You, You're a Doctor Yujin Nagasawa

    . Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News Steve Clarke


    ajpae 4-2

    Volume 4, Number 2, November 2002


    · A Gresham's Law for Reporting about Genetics Neil Levy
    · Abortion and the Artificial Uterus Stephen Coleman
    · Redifining Fatherhood: Lowering the Temperature of Debates about the Use of Donor Sperm by Single Women and Lesbians Leslie Cannold


    . Cohen, Nagel and the Rich Egalitarian Keith Horton
    Promises, Politics and Perversity Ronald Francis and Anona Armstrong

    . Teaching - and Doing - Media Ethics with a High Grip on Reality Jay Black


    ajpae 4-1

    Volume 4, Number 1, June 2002


    . Bhopal's Deadliest Night - A Case Study Kirpal Dhillon

    . Privacy and Research Ethics Chris Mortensen

    . The Basis for Social Responsibilities to Clients: Corporations as Professional Organisations John Rowan


    . Revenge Rights in Criminal Justice Charles Barton

    . Doing Away with Double-Effect? Peter Drum


    ajpae 3-2

    Volume 3, Number 2, November 2001

    · The Ethics of Emotional Labour Chris Provis
    · Stanley Milgram and Police Ethics David Coady
    · The Control of Scientific Research: The Case of Nanotechnology John Weckert
    · Victims' Rights, Revenge, and Retribution Michael Davis
    · Judith Jarvis Thomson on Killing in Self-Defence Seumas Miller
    Critical Notice
    · 'Whose Justice, Which Narrative?' Chris Gardiner

    ajpae 3-1

    Volume 3, Number 1, June 2001


    · Traditionally Long Shifts for Medical Residents: Medically Unsound; Morally Unjustified Arthur Kuflik
    · The Ethics of Doctor Supply Restriction in Australia Julian Lamont
    · Betting On Belief Will Barrett
    · Paternalism and Corporate Social Responsibility Elizabeth Prior Jonson


    · A Nonlethal Force Capability For the Australian Defence Force Lieutenant Colonel Brian J. Cox
    · Ethical Research for Insiders Bryan Humphrey
    · Violence Against Women Gouri Sen

    ajpae 2-2Volume 2, Number 2, November 2000


    · Are our Hands Tied? Acts of State and Indigenous Sovereignty Steve Curry
    · Restorative Justice Empowerment Charles Barton
    · Ethics, Empowerment, and Education: A Neo-Aristotelian Case for the Public Duty to Educate and Train David Ardagh
    · The Beliefs, Values and Understandings about Leadership Guiding Key Educational Leaders in the Bureaucracy in South Australia Helen Paige
    · Australian and Indian Social Work Codes of Ethics Manohar Pawar


    · Collective Moral Responsibility: a Collective as an Independent Moral Agent? Pekka Makela
    · Law or Order: Reconsidering the Aims of Policing Neil Levy

    ajpae 2-1Volume 2, Number 1, July 2000


    · Injustice and the Removal of Aboriginal Children Janna Thompson
    · The Liberal Case for - and finally against - the practice of 'outing'*' Tony Lynch
    · Seen and Heard: Children, Autonomy and the U.N. convention Margaret M. Coady
    · Theories of Restorative Justice Charles Barton
    · Can Ethical Commitment be Gauged from Company Annual Reports? Ronald Francis and Anona Armstrong


    · Machiavellian Thoughts on Mbeki : Between Political Cynicism & Moral Naivety Stephen de Wijze
    · Hylomorphism and Abortion Peter Drum

    ajpae 1-2Volume 1, Number 2, November 1999


    · Compensating for Historical Injustices - Three Important Issues Anna Corbo-Crehan
    · Ethics in Police Training John Klening
    · Human Rights and Policing John Alderson
    · Negligent Rape David Archard
    · A Surrogate For Surrogacy? - The Artificial Uterus Stephen Coleman
    · Trust Me, I'm a Doctor Steve Clarke
    · Generosity, Virture and Blocked Exchange Adrian Walsh


    · The Elements of an Effective National Anti-Corruption Strategy: A Progress Report Jeremy Pope
    · Policing, Privatisation And Ethics: Broadening The Scope Of The Enquiry Rick Sarre

    ajpae 1-1Volume 1, Number 1, June 1999


    · The Development of Computer Ethics as a Philosophical Field of Study Terrell Ward Bynum
    · Privacy and the Varieties of Informational Wrongdoing Jeroen van den Hoven
    · The Puzzle of Priority: Devising New Norms and Conventions in Research for the Context of Electronic Publication Helen Nissenbaum
    · Evaluating the Pleasures of Cybersex Douglas Adeney
    · Plea Bargaining in Lower Courts in New South Wales Andrew Alexandra
    · Environment, Identity and the Furture Stephen Matthews


    · Employment Privacy: Where Utopia Meets Reality Brian M. O'Connell
    · Some Legal Aspects of the Internet: An Australian Perspective Melissa de Zwart
    · When Trust Fails: The Black Hawk Accident Alan C. Tidwell