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Technologies Program:

This program deals with risks and responsibilities relating to research into technologies that combine with or add to existing technologies, including ethical issues in bio/nanotechnology, computing and IT.

Health Program:

This program will conduct research in relation to a range of interconnected ethical issues in the public health domain.

Ecology Program:

This program examines a range of issues in environmental ethics, including ethical issues related to existing and potential anthropogenic climate change.

Economy Program:

This program focuses on a number of central ethical issues arising in the economic sphere, including corporate responsibility and economic corruption.

Security Program:

This program focuses on the ethical dimensions of a range of current domestic and international security problems, including ethical issues pertaining to terrorism, crime, and humanitarian intervention.


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Dr Christian Barry

Business and Professional Ethics

Justice and the Human Good
Telephone +61 (02) 6125-8475
Facsimilie +61 (02) 6125-6579
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PhD (Columbia)


Christian Barry’s research focuses on closing the gap between theory and practice in international justice. His recent work includes a monograph with Sanjay Reddy, International Trade and Labour Standards: A Proposal for Linkage (Columbia), and an edited volume on sovereign debt with Barry Herman and Lydia Tomitova (Blackwell).

Christian Barry, together with Matt Peterson, hosts and produces CAPPE's regular online audio program Public Ethics Radio.

Fields of special interest

  • Social and political philosophy
  • International economics and development
  • Philosophy of action



Barry, C, and Reddy, S, 2007 International Trade and Labor Standards: A Proposal for Linkage, Columbia University Press

Barry, C, Herman, B, and Tomitova, L, eds. 2007 Dealing Fairly with Developing Country Debt, Blackwell Publishing

Barry, C, and Pogge, T, eds. 2005 Global Institutions and Responsibilities: Achieving Global Justice,Blackwell Publishing